Uplighting hire prices

Hire uplighting from as little as £10 per light

We have two options for uplighting hire. The lowest priced option is to have them delivered by us and set them up yourself. Pricing is shown below in the DIY uplighting section. The second option is for us to install the lights for you.

Delivered and installed

This service includes:

  • Delivery to any UK venue
  • Not a set number of uplighting units, but as many as it takes to achieve your vision
  • Professional installation and colour matching
  • On-site technician from beginning to end
  • Strip down and removal after the event

We don't have a fixed price for this service as it varies depending on the delivery location and equipment required. Please contact us for a quote.

DIY uplighting

If you are looking for the lowest price without compromising on the quality of the lighting then our DIY uplighting is your best option. With fixed pricing of £10 per light you can transform a room even with the smallest of budgets.

Number of lights Possible uses Total cost
4 uplighters Single wall colour wash £40
8 uplighters Whole room (small) £80
12 uplighters Whole room (medium) £120
16 uplighters Larger room / hall £160

How to order

To order DIY uplighting please visit our main website at TakeAwayDisco.com