Our uplighters

We stock two sizes of uplighters. The standard size upligters are suitable for most rooms, however we stock a large version that is required for lighting rooms with very high ceilings, over 5 metres (16 feet) high. Both sizes are modern, discrete uplighters that are fully customisable to fit in perfectly with your colour scheme. Our uplighters use LED technology which has many advantages including:

  • Colours are more vivid than ever before
  • Each light can be set to any colour from the image below
  • Very low power consumption - suitable for any venue
  • Almost zero heat
  • Very small space requirements
  • Only one wall socket required for any number of uplighters


Colours available

Our uplighters use tri-colour (red, green and blue) LEDs (the same as a TV or computer monitor) to produce any colour from the image below.


Technical data

Standard size uplighters Large size uplighters
For rooms up to 5 metres (16 feet) high For rooms up to 20 metres (65 feet) high
5 x 3-watt tri-colour LEDs per light 12 x 3-watt tri-colour LEDs per light
40 degree beam (for wider spread) 25 degree beam (for longer reach)
16 watts power consumption 38 watts power consumption


Compare our uplighters to the typical "PAR can" style

If you compare our uplighters to the typical LED "PAR can" lights the difference is clear. The top image taken without the camera flash shows that ours (on the right) are far brighter. On the bottom image you can clearly see the huge difference in size. Ours (again, on the right) are far more discrete at a fraction of the size of the standard "can" lights that some hire companies use.

This comparison shows our standard uplighters. Our large uplighters are more than twice as bright as the standard size - and only slightly larger.